AUSTRALIA:  Deakin University Program

The Deakin University Program offers both trimester and academic-year study abroad options. Program participants may earn a total of 15 credits per trimester, or 30 credits for an academic year.  A minimum cumulative 2.60 GPA is required for admission to this program.


Deakin is located in Victoria State in southeast Australia.  Victoria is a place of great contrasts - ocean beaches and mountain ranges, deserts and forests, volcanic plains and vast sheep and wheat farms. Victoria has long been regarded as the cultural center of Australia, with a historical architectural elegance that underpins the character and style of Melbourne and Geelong. Victoria combines strong cultural tradition with a contemporary and relaxed lifestyle, a distinctive sense of community and a passionate sporting tradition.

Deakin University Study Abroad Program

Deakin University is one of Australia's most progressive and visionary universities. With more than 70,000 students studying on its various campuses, in the workplace or at home, Deakin offers courses in a wide variety of subjects, as well as professional training and exciting industry-based programs.  Marist International participants choose to live and study at one of two campuses:  Melbourne Burwood or Geelong Waurn Ponds.


Semester Dates

Because Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed and the academic year begins in February (end of summer "down under"). Deakin Trimester 1 begins in February and ends in June (Marist spring semester); Trimester 2 begins in July and ends in October (Marist fall semester).  Please click here for the Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 academic calendars.


Accommodation preferences

There are 3 housing options to students. Students can look at on-campus residences, enjoy a homestay experience or live in an off-campus accommodation.

Students need to state their housing preference in their online Study Abroad / Exchange application. Deakin will be in touch with the student with an outcome and instructions. Students must NOT apply directly on the on campus residences website; no action will be taken for these applications.
On campus housing can be high in demand, limited and the allocation is based on 1st come 1st serve – on the date when the student answers the housing question in their online Study Abroad / Exchange application. Deakin requests students register and submit their Housing preference via the Exchange / Study Abroad online application system early.



Methods at overseas universities differ from those in the USA. Australian students attend lectures, tutorials and seminars. Academic staff expect a high level of self-motivation and independence from their students. Students are expected to undertake independent research during free time. There is less "assessment" with a final exam or essay determining the final course grade, in most cases. Click here for more information about study areas, credits, grading/assessment.


Course Unit Selections

In Australia the word course refers to a degree program or major, while course units (or simply, units) are what we in the USA refer to as courses. Participants in the Deakin study abroad program must enroll in a minimum of three units.  Four (4) units are considered a full load -- equivalent to 15 Marist credits. To access Deakin course units, descriptions, and availability:

Deakin pre-approved course units for visiting/study abroad students

Deakin course units for all students in the 2017 HANDBOOK (with course descriptions)


Orientation at Deakin University

A three-day orientation will help students adjust to life in Australia. Day one focuses on Deakin academic requirements, and students will be able to mix with study advisers from all faculties. The following two days will feature a range of social activities such as surfing lessons and guided hikes plus workshop sessions on successful cultural integration. At the end of the three days, students are transferred to their campus of study and participate in a campus-specific orientation.  Click here for orientation and class registration information.