FIE Dublin, Ireland Program 

(*internship required*)


Semester with FIE/Dublin Business School (DBS): Internship Pathway

Marist Abroad offers a study abroad and internship program in Dublin through the Foundation for International Education (FIE). FIE has partnered with the Dublin Business School and School of Arts (DBS), Ireland’s largest independent third level college, to present a semester-long program combining direct enrollment in courses at DBS, along with FIE’s unique Irish Life and Cultures course, and an internship.

About DBS

DBS has a strong reputation for its student-centered approach to teaching. DBS offers a broad range of courses and social opportunities, and the relatively small size of the institution allows good interaction between students and staff. The school stresses sound teaching and individual attention by limiting class sizes.

DBS is located in the heart of the city, near St. Stephens Green, Grafton Street and the Temple Bar district.


Irish Life & Cultures

All program participants enroll in the intensive Irish Life and Cultures Course (3 cr).  Irish history, language, culture, and politics, are explored in this required course, with special emphasis on the history of peace and conflict in Ireland. Complementing the Dublin-based course lectures and co-curricular excursions, two study tours take students to Northern Ireland (Derry and Belfast) and Western Ireland (Galway, Connemara and the Aran Islands) to contextualize the topics at hand.

DBS Coursework

With particular strengths in Business (especially Accountancy and Finance), Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Psychology and Communication, DBS offers students a variety of course opportunities at their urban campus near central Dublin’s popular Grafton Street area. Students normally select two electives from the areas listed below, in addition to the Irish Life & Cultures course and a 6 credit internship (required). The DBS 2016-17 Course Catalog is linked here.

  • Business
  • Communications and Media
  • Cultural Studies
  • Economics
  • Film Studies
  • Journalism
  • Literature And Drama
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
  • Psychology
  • Social Science


An international internship at FIE in Dublin is a pre-professional, field-based experience coupled with academic analysis and reflection. It is an educational experience whose goals are to develop professional and cultural skills and provide personal and career awareness. For more information (this link will take you to the FIE Web site):FIE/Dublin/DBS internship

Note to Psychology majors: Participants on this program may not receive PSYC 487 or PSYC 488 Fieldwork credits for the internship; an internship in the field of psychology may count for elective credits only.

Orientation and Extracurricular Activities

Comprehensive on-site orientations with both FIE and DBS help students acclimate to the program and their surroundings, as well as provide a basic underpinning for the cultural learning they will undergo during their Dublin term.

FIE Resident Staff provide students with both individual support and a variety of group opportunities, from the Mobile Seminar Series to an extensive extra-curricular calendar that might include theater events, literary festivals, comedy shows, and sport matches.


FIE-DBS program participants live in self-catered, shared, furnished student apartments with bathroom and living/dining/kitchen area.