Application & Documents for Non-Marist Students

Study Abroad Application Process

Applications for Spring 2014 Study Abroad Now Being Accepted!

The study abroad application process has online as well as hard-copy components, as explained below. Prior to starting your application, investigate the official list of Marist Abroad semester study abroad programs, to find a program that fits your particular educational objectives and degree/audit needs.

Some sections of the semester application must be completed in hard copy, while other sections must be done on-line. You must complete all sections of the application before your application can be reviewed.

Applications are reviewed as they are completed. Complete your application today to receive an early admission decision and secure your spot on the program!

HARD COPY PORTIONS OF THE APPLICATION: Download and submit the following semester application items in hard copy:

  1. Foreign Language Proficiency Form and writing sample (if the language of course instruction is not English)
  2. Eight (8) passport-sized photographs
  3. Official College transcript from your home institution
  4. $50 check or money order made out to Marist College

ONLINE PORTIONS OF THE APPLICATION: You must complete online portions of the application as well as the above-noted hard copy forms.CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ONLINE APPLICATION!

Please note that all applicants MUST have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 at the time of application. Higher GPAs are required for many programs. GPA requirements for specific programs are noted on the MIP semester study abroad program page. We will not review current mid-term grades as part of the application process, and applications received showing less than 2.50 cumulative GPA will not be reviewed. Please note that participants must maintain minimum GPA requirements up to departure.

Good luck, and we look forward to receiving your study abroad application!