Marist Abroad: Health Issues


Medical Insurance

Marist Abroad study abroad participants are required to carry medical and accident insurance through GeoBlue. Marist Abroad purchases this insurance on behalf of all study abroad students, with the premium for this insurance included in the program fee.

Please read the summary of the coverage offered through GeoBlue as well as any supplemental health insurance coverage you may already have, and secure additional insurance if deemed necessary. Keeping in mind that all students have varying medical needs and that each host site will not have the same health care services, you need personally to make an assessment of your needs. A few important questions:

  • Does the insurance cover students engaged in international education while outside their home country? Are there limitations?
  • What is the maximum sickness and injury benefit?
  • Are pre-existing conditions covered?
  • Does the policy cover emergency medical transportation/evacuation and if so, what is the maximum payable? Are there limitations? 


Visit Your Doctor and Dentist

It is strongly recommended that you have a thorough medical and dental checkup as soon as possible and at least two months pre-departure to allow time for any tests your doctor may order, or for scheduling follow-up visits for treatment, vaccinations, etc.

Study abroad can be stressful both physically and mentally. A healthy mind and body are essential to a successful study abroad experience. If you are experiencing any physical or emotional problems, please address them before leaving the U.S. and have a realistic plan for ongoing treatment if required. Marist Abroad staff are available to discuss what types of ongoing support may or may not be available overseas.

If you anticipate any dental work (e.g. extraction of wisdom teeth), get it done well before departure; if you are experiencing any emotional, eating, or substance abuse problems, seek professional advice and consider deferring your participation in an overseas program until you have the problem well under control. Certain types of pressures can be heightened overseas in a study abroad setting, and this can interact with current or potential eating disorders, emotional, and dependency problems. Leaving the country does not make problems go away. 

On balance, the range of counseling services available to students on the Marist College campus and most U.S. college campuses will likely not be available overseas. For your safety and well-being, it is vital that you inform us of any physical, emotional, or psychological difficulties or special needs you may have on your Marist Abroad study abroad application. Of course, if you are nervous about some of the challenges of experiencing a different culture, realize that you are not alone. Stop by or call our office to talk about your concerns.



Since medications tend to be expensive and because it sometimes can be difficult to obtain USA medications overseas, we strongly recommend that you bring an adequate supply of necessary medications to last your entire stay.  Do not plan to have medications shipped to you; importation laws will make it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to receive the shipment. 

Medications should be in the original, pharmacy-labeled containers, and you should bring copies of your doctor's prescription(s) (or a letter from your doctor) in case you are questioned by immigration officers or other authorities. It is unlikely that an overseas pharmacy would fill a prescription issued in another country. You may wish to research your host country's laws for importation of medications to determine if the amount you wish to take into the country is allowable (some 'controlled substance' medications prescribed in the USA are not dispensed in other countries).  GeoBlue's web site offers drug translation advice

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, consider bringing an extra pair in case you lose or damage your original pair. Bring an extra pair, or a prescription from your eye doctor in case of loss or damage.


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