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The LdM Rome premises are located near Piazza Repubblica, a vibrant square in the historic center. Classrooms and facilities are housed in an elegant Umbertine palace in the government and business district. The newly renovated building provides modern, Wi-Fi equipped facilities with light-filled studios. Flourishing Roman neighborhoods, shops and restaurants surround the main campus building, which is within walking distance from many famous sites, including the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. It is the perfect city for those studying sciences, art history, communications, international business, Italian language and more.

Rome is an extraordinary synthesis of cultures from the Mediterranean region, North Africa, Europe, and an increasingly global community. The city seamlessly fuses the macrocosm of a large metropolis with the microcosm typical of small lively neighborhoods and picturesque districts, in a way that is fresh and spontaneous.


It is home to world recognized monuments and locations that have been celebrated throughout the world. Rome itself forms a unique backdrop for many artistic and cultural events such as music, cinema, concerts, and sporting fixtures. The hills, piazzas, fountains, cobbled streets, and churches are a testimony to a great heritage, but at the same time provide a contemporary setting for the active social and cultural life of the thriving modern city.


Spending any amount of time in the Eternal City is an experience that has kept visitors and pilgrims captivated for centuries. Whether the inspiration comes from a quiet spot in Rome's parks, powerfully evocative ruins, Renaissance or Baroque palaces, or the awe-inspiring art of Vatican City, Rome continues to stimulate the senses.


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The unique history of Italy's capital allows for the study of ancient cultures as well as contemporary political and international issues. LdM Rome students can choose courses in traditional subjects such as history, classical civilizations, art and literature, or more contemporary subjects such as international business, political science, film studies, philosophy and religion, environmental studies or Italian language. Rome's thriving economic and political heart focuses largely on the exciting worlds of politics and international relations, business, media communications, art and fashion and tourism, and students will have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of professionals and various national and international institutions located throughout the Italian capital.

All program participants register for at least 3 credits of Italian Language. Elective courses are offered that may satisfy major requirements as well as fulfill some Humanities Core/LS curriculum categories.

  • The LdM Course Schedule includes an entry entitled "Marist Code" wherein the Marist course equivalent for each LdM course is indicated.
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LdM is "a school immersed in the city" and Rome is a "classroom without walls." Student life at LdM reflects this. Every student at LdM benefits from an extensive, mandatory orientation session aimed at giving essential information about academic needs and expectations, housing, culture and community, and Italian law. Orientation sessions usually also include practical walking tours. Additionally, LdM Rome students benefit from the regular contact and support of an energetic and dedicated team of Academic Advisors, who are accustomed to helping students adjust to the Italian environment. Every student at LdM is assigned an individual academic advisor.



Students are housed in furnished apartments (double or single bedroom) with four to five other LdM Rome program students.  Apartments are not all in the same building, and no two apartments are the same.  All the apartments are easily reached by the Metropolitana and other local public transportation.



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