Introduction to College Writing


Course Goals

  1. This course aims to help the student further develop confidence in writing abilities and facility in composing, not only in this course, but in content courses that focus on writing.
  2. This course aims to guide the student toward the creation of an electronic research portfolio that utilizes word processing, electronic mail and conferencing, the Internet and the online library.

Course Objectives

  1. The student will demonstrate the ability to use the writing process effectively in the production of a research portfolio; criteria of evaluation includes level of rhetorical sophistication, quality of thought, use of sources, structural analysis, and use of language.
  2. The student will demonstrate competency of mechanics and usage through essay revision and the completion of grammar activities; criteria of evaluation includes sentence structure, grammar and standard english usage.

Specific Course Objectives

The student will be able to:

  1. write from recall; write from observation; write from reading; write from library research; generate ideas; shape a draft that uses summary skills; think critically through analysis and evaluation.
  2. demonstrate a knowledge of basic grammar so as to obtain a competency grade of C on all of the mastery tests by writing correct grammatical sentences, crafting effective sentences, and by using punctuation/mechanics correctly for editing purposes.
  3. use the following essay conventions: citing sources, quoting text, writing clear introductions and conclusions, composing a thesis statement, organizing the body of an essay through the effective use of evidence.

Necessary Skills

This course is open-ended. This statement means that it will not necessarily be a one semester course for some students. The object of the course is to attain a level of proficiency in writing so the student will feel comfortable and confident in the College Writing course and may realistically expect to succeed in it.


  • Texts: Axelrod/Cooper, The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, 7th edition with CD-ROM.
    Beason/Lester, Commonsense. St. Martin's Press, 4th edition
  • Computer: Disks or CDs for backup
  • Folder for printouts

Personal Requirements

  • Motivated student
  • Computer Literate (word processing, email, sending attached files, basic Internet skills)

Minimum System Requirements

  • Pentium III or Higher Processor
  • 400 Mhz or faster processor
  • 256MB of RAM . minimum; 512MB of RAM recommended
  • Monitor and video card that supports 64 color
  • 16 bit Windows compatible sound card with speakers
  • Internet access: 56K Modem minimum connection speed; Broadband/high speed access recommended
  • Windows 2000, XP with QuickTime version 7.0
  • Internet Explorer version 5.5(recommended) or 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox version
  • Microsoft Office 2000, or Word 2000 and Powerpoint 2000
    (You will need to download Apple QuickTime 7.0 or later edition for videos. Directions will be given to you if you don't already have it installed.)