Overview of the Marist Core

Core Overview

 If you enrolled in the College Fall 2013 or after, you will complete the revised version of the Marist Core
 outlined below. See the Catalog for additional information about each component of the revised Marist Core.
 This worksheet provides a useful outline of requirements in the Marist Core, as well as a four-year planning
 sheet, for you and your advisor.

I. Academic Foundation courses 

  • First Year Seminar
  • Writing for College
    Both courses engage with at least one of the following themes: Cultural Diversity; Nature & the
    Environment; Civic Engagement; and Quantitative Reasoning.

II. Distribution courses
     Breadth: one course in each of the following areas:

Pathway: 4 courses addressing a focused interdisciplinary area of study

III. Skill requirements

  • Skill requirement for students enrolling in Fall 2013 and Fall 2014: “Intensive” Core or major courses in
    Technological Competency
  • Skill requirements for students enrolling in Fall 2015 and beyond: "Intensive" Core or major
    courses in Writing, Public Presentation, and Technological Competency.

IV. Capping

  • Senior-level course in the major involving Core-related skills and values awareness.