The First Year Seminar


  You graduated from high school, came to Orientation,
   bought your books…now what?

  The cornerstone of the Marist Core, the First Year Seminar
  (FYS) introduces you to the College as a learning
  community. Faculty develop their FYS courses based on
  their areas of scholarly expertise. We offer a wide range of
  topics designed to expand your academic horizons and
  fuel your curiosity. The small size of each FYS provides
  you with an opportunity for close work with faculty 
  and classmates. Workshops in the course help you learn
  about the College's campus life and services.


  A campus-wide Common Reading provides a touchstone for FYS courses and for
  events and conversation throughout the Marist community as a whole. The 2015-16
  Common Reading is Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books (Random House,
  2003). Reading Lolita's author, Azar Nafisi, will come to campus in the Fall to deliver
  a lecture attended by all FYS students. Other events throughout the academic year will
  highlight the questions of education, cultural difference, and gender equality raised
  by the book.

  The Common Reading is chosen by a committee that includes faculty from across
  the College and a student representative. Past Common Reading selections include
  Rebecca Skloot's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Crown, 2010) and Steven
  Johnson's The Ghost Map (Riverhead, 2005). All Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 FYS 
  students need to have purchased and read the book BEFORE
classes begin.
  Students will complete an essay assignment based on Reading Lolita during the
  first few weeks of classes in September or in January.

 Fall 2015 FYS Course Titles and Descriptions (see below for Honors FYS sections)

FYS101 L103
Art, Sex and Murder: Caravaggio and His Myths
A. Bertrand-Dewsnap

FYS101 L104
John Milton, Genius
G. Machacek

FYS101 L106 & L107
Murder, Madness and Mental Mayhem
L. Neilson

FYS101 L108 & L109
Where Did My Money Go? How Do I Get It Back?
C. Hill

FYS101 L110
Disruptive Bod
ies: Gender, Disability, & Social Norms
M. Fitzgibbons

FYS101 L111
True Crime in Film
J. Raines

FYS101 L112 & L113
Greek Myth and the Other
S. Shivers

FYS101 L114 & L115
Nostalgia: A Literary History
J. Kotzin

FYS101 L116
Murder, Madness and Mental Mayhem
L. Neilson

FYS101 L118 & L119
Greening America
S. Mercier

FYS101 L121
"Did 'It' Happen Again?"
A. Davis

FYS101 L122
Is Voting Enough? Worldwide Elections and Democracy
D. Langfield 


FYS101 L123 & L124
Gender Wars: The American Civil War
M. Morreale

FYS101 L125 & L126
Not That Seventies Show
R. Rosen

FYS101 L127 & L128
Cannibals and Zombies of the Caribbean
P. Ferrer

FYS101 L129 & L130
Reading the Apocalypse
R. Grinnell

FYS101 L131 & L132
Europe and the "Barbarians"
J. Peterson

FYS101 L133
Childhood: Then, Now and Around the World
L. Dunlap

FYS101 L134
Science Fiction: Speculations and Destinations
A. Labouseur

FYS101 L135
The Human Body in Sickness and Health
T. Paskell

FYS101 L136
Adbusters: Critical Perspectives in Advertising
K. Boyle

FYS101 L137 & L138
JFK: Famine to New Frontier
S. Dwyer-McNulty

FYS101 L139
Is Voting Enough? Worldwide Elections and Democracy   
D. Langfield

FYS101 L140 & L141
From Call of Duty Violence to Candy Crush Addiction:                  
Video Games Impact Us
R. Rogers

FYS101 L146
Science Fiction: Speculations and Destinations
J. Bass

Fall 2015 Honors FYS Course Titles

FYS Director Kevin Gaugler   

 A Message from Dr. Kevin Gaugler, Director of the First Year Seminar
 The First Year Seminar provides you with an opportunity to expand
 your academic horizons. Since the FYS is a stand-alone course that does not 
 fulfill other curricular requirements, it gives you the chance to explore a subject
 or question purely because it interests you. So take a risk. Test a theory.
 Lead the academic conversation in an unexpected new direction. We look
 forward to learning alongside you.