FYS 101 Homelessness

What is homelessness and who is homeless? How has this problem changed over the years, and is it rising or decreasing in numbers? Is it a similar problem across the world? Can homelessness be solved (or merely managed)? What are some good solutions?

This course is designed to introduce students to academic research and problem solving skills through an exploration of homelessness. The course will approach the subject using statistics and research method skills as students gather, evaluate, and present data on homelessness.   Students will delve into homelessness in a local community by interviewing a non-profit or government agency staff member and potentially participating in a street count. Readings will guide students through this social issue from an economics, sociology, anthropology and political science perspective.

Please see this video (freely available through Creative Commons) for information about efforts to put the homeless on the map and highlight the plight of those affected.