FYS 101 Travel in a Globalized World

“I want to travel”, we say; “I want to explore the world, broaden my perspectives, and become a better citizen for this globalized planet.” But what does the word “travel” really mean today, and to whom? The defining feature of the present era of globalization--there have been others--may be that of a world in motion: the flow of capital, of work, of decision-making, of diseases, of commodities is accompanied by a scale and speed of human mobility unprecedented in history. From career expats to medical tourists, from backpacking students to war-displaced and environmental refugees, from package group globe-hoppers to humanitarian volunteers, more people are on the move than ever before, by choice or by force. The course will examine in practical ways what are the political, economic, ethical, ecological and literary dimensions of our own travel ambitions, and see how the very concept of travel is being irreversibly transformed by mobile technology and instant translation tools.