Catholic Studies Pathway

 The Catholic Studies Pathway offers students an opportunity to study how the tradition of Catholic
 Christianity has shaped the world we know today and to examine their beliefs and values in a mature and
 critical way.

Each Pathway must contain 4 courses covering a minimum of 3 different disciplines. In addition to the courses listed below, Honors and special-topics courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose. See here for a list of Fall 2015 course offerings applicable to Pathways.

  • ART 245 Medieval Art
  • ART 380 Renaissance Art
  • ENG 214 Religious Themes in Literature *cross-listed REST 214
  • ENG 266 The Italian-American Experience *cross-listed POSC 266 and HIST 266
  • ENG 330 Medieval Literature
  • HIST 217 Catholics in the U.S. *cross-listed REST 217 and POSC 217
  • HIST 248 Medieval Europe
  • HIST 255 The Catholic Church in Modern Times
  • HIST 286 The Irish American Experience
  • PHIL 321 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL 331 Philosophy of Religion
  • REST 203 Christianity
  • REST 204 Judaism
  • REST 243 Catholic Thought and Spirituality