Contemporary European Studies Pathway

 The Contemporary European Studies Pathway explores modern-day Europe from a broad range of
 perspectives, providing students with a strong grounding in the culture and politics of the continent.

Each Pathway must contain 4 courses covering a minimum of 3 different disciplines. In addition to the courses listed below, Honors and special-topics courses may be used in Pathways if they have been approved for this purpose. See here for a list of Fall 2015 course offerings applicable to Pathways.

  • ART 365 History of 19th Century Art
  • ART 366 History of 20th Century Art
  • ENG 213 English Literature II
  • ENG 261 Spanish Literature in Translation *cross-listed SPAN 222
  • ENG 321 English Drama II
  • ENG 363 Modern Drama
  • HIST 207 History of the Holocaust
  • HIST 252 Modern Europe
  • HIST 261 Russian History, 1801-1917
  • HIST 262 Russian Revolution
  • HIST 263 Eastern Europe and Russian from 1928 to the Present
  • PHIL 242 Existentialism
  • PHIL 323 19th and Early 20th Century Philosophy
  • PHIL 324 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
  • PHIL 325 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • PHIL 340 Marx and Marxism
  • POSC 233 Modern Political Thought
  • POSC 251 European Politics
  • Language courses in Italian, German, French, or Spanish (any proficiency level)


Students may also select the non-breadth area course below for this Pathway:

  •  CRJU 377 Politics of Crime and Terrorism *prereq POSC 110 or CRJU 101