Spring 2014 First Year Seminars

Students in Prof. Cathy Muller's FYS discuss art at the College's Steel Plant Studios

The cornerstone of the Marist Core, the First Year Seminar is designed to help you become
a proficient writer, critical thinker, public speaker, and researcher. FYS courses also encourage
you to make new connections, ask innovative questions, and engage actively in the academic
community here on campus.

If you came to the College in Fall 2013 and have not yet taken a FYS, you must do so in Spring
2014 (see here for policies regarding transfer students). You should sign up for this course
during the regular Spring registration process. If you are a student in the Honors Program, you should sign
up for FYSH 101 L111 (CRN 12135), Genocide & Human Rights (Honors).

To prepare for the course, you should purchase and read this year's Common Reading, Rebecca Skloot's
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Lectures and other campus events related to issues raised in this book
will take place during the Spring 2014 semester. Every Spring FYS student will also complete an essay assignment
on the book during the first 2 weeks of classes.

FYS 101 L111 (CRN 11964: M11 W930 W2)       
Did It Happen Again? The Great Recession and the Great Depression

FYS 101 L112 (CRN 11965: MR1230 W2) & L113 (CRN 11966: M11 W930 W2)
Baseball and American Society

FYS 101 L114 (CRN 11967: TR330 W2) & L126 (CRN 12187: MR2 W2)
From Uncle Tom to Jim Crow: The Legacy of Race, Slavery, & the Civil War

FYS 101 L115 (CRN 11968: M11 W8 W930) & L116 (CRN 11969: MR2 W8)
Muslims and Arabs Outside of the Muslim World

FYS 101 L117 (CRN 11970: TF2 F330)
Videogames and Values

FYS 101 L118 (CRN 11975: MR930 W2)
Science and Spirituality: Can We Have Both?

FYS 101 L119 (CRN 11984: MR930 F11) & L120 (CRN 11985: MR1230 F11)
The Global Drug Trade

FYS 101 L121 (CRN 11986: TF930 F11)
Genocide and Human Rights

FYS 101 L123 (CRN 12014: TF930 F11)

FYS 101 L124 (CRN 12139: MR930 W2) & L125 (CRN 12140: MR1230 W2)
Not That Seventies Show

FYS 101 L127 (CRN 12304: TF930 W8) & L128 (CRN 12306: TF 1230 W8)
Revolutionary Science

FYS 101 L129 (CRN 12307: MR930 W8)
Flesh and Desire: The Philosophy of Sex and Love

FYS 101 L130 (CRN 12308: MR2 W2)
Critical Perspectives in Advertising

FYS 101 L131 (CRN 12466: MW330 F330) & L132 (CRN 12467: MW5 F330)
Imagining Wilderness