Lecture by Author Wes Moore to Highlight Core Values & Skills

mooreThe Marist Core invites students to participate actively in important conversations concerning social justice, educational reform, and ethical decision-making. A key moment in that exchange will take place when author, veteran and advocate Wes Moore delivers a lecture on the 2016-17 Common Reading, The Other Wes Moore (Spiegel & Grau, 2011) in Fall 2016.

Every First Year Seminar will engage with the book in 2016-17, and over 900 students, faculty, and campus community members will attend the lecture in the McCann Center. In addition to hearing Mr. Moore provide an in-person account of his experiences, students will have the opportunity to participate in a Q & A exchange with Mr. Moore during his presentation. Students selected from each FYS will also meet for an informal conversation with Mr. Moore later that afternoon.

The Common Reading is selected by a committee of faculty from across the College, as well as a student representative. Director of the First Year Seminar Dr. Kevin Gaugler, who heads the committee, notes that The Other Wes Moore “is a story that every college student should actively debate and discuss. We wanted to have a campus wide symposium on privilege, on race and on issues of diversity and justice." Mr. Moore’s lecture will provide important context for the inquiry taking place across a wide range of First Year Seminar courses and in many other campus events, such as those in the 2016 Autumn Lecture Series.

To Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership Robin Torres, who directs First Year Programs at the College, The Other Wes Moore is particularly well-suited to the goals and interests of students embarking upon their college careers:"Each of us bring certain gifts to the table and each of us are also formed, in part by our circumstances and choices. This book teaches students to maximize their talents, choose positive role models, and experience as many thought-provoking and positive environments as possible so there can be no 'other' as they write their own story."