Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Karolina Callahan
  • Megan Clarke
  • Megan Conrad
  • Brittany Hampton
  • Abbegail Herkel
  • Cassandra Jaeb
  • James Kelly
  • Katelyn Konigsberg
  • Billie Moczydlowski
  • Anna Myers
  • Noelle Snyder
  • Emma Stark
  • Ayush Upreti
  • Kirstyn Watson

A message from Dean Margaret Calista:

The major fields of study in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences often attract students who are interested in working with people to shape and develop people, to encourage and influence people to achieve their goals. The faculty of the School are attracted to these disciplines for the same reasons. As a Deans' Circle student you have been identified as a student who can make the most of every opportunity and we will engage with you to support this happening.

Opportunity is all around you on the campus: in the community, nationally and internationally, opportunities to learn, to serve and to have fun. Sometimes there are so many opportunities that it is not always clear what choices to make. My role and the role of your faculty advisor is to get to know you, to know what you want for yourself and to help you make choices about all the wonderful opportunities that are available to you. Sometimes we may participate directly with you in learning activities and social events, working on research together, attending conferences or perhaps, a sail on the Hudson River. Other times we may make suggestions or recommendations about specific activities that will support your goals.

I look forward to making the most of our opportunities together.

Dean Margaret Calista