First-year Honors Program residents leading the 2017 Marist Hunger Walk.

Honors Academics

Honors seminars challenge students to explore important intellectual and social problems. Honors seminars are smaller than traditional Marist classes to connect students with top faculty members, and to inspire meaningful discussions of the material.  

Every semester the Honors Program offers a wide range of seminars. The program consistently develops new seminars in order to keep students engaged with the Core curriculum at Marist. Recently, the Honors Program students have taken seminars like “Diversity in Media,” “Race in America,” “Philosophy of Martial Arts,” and “The Evolution of Money and Banking.” Many Honors students also study abroad, and in recent years the Honors Program has also offered “Ethics of Food” and “Ethics and Migration” at our Italian branch campus in Florence. These classes are carefully designed to connect students with Italian culture and the city of Florence.

All Honors Program seminars overlap with existing academic requirements at Marist. They satisfy Core, and in some cases major and minor requirements. Honors students frequently use their Honors requirements to add additional minors and second majors. For example, students can satisfy major or minor requirements in Economics, Philosophy, Criminal Justice, and Communications by taking Honors seminars.

A description of the Honors Program curriculum can be found here.

Dr. Melinda Weisberg and her Flexible Leadership seminar at MSG.