Honors Launches New Memoir Seminar

The Honors Program is offering a seminar that focuses on the writing and printing of a student’s memoir. This spring Dr. Lea Graham, Associate Professor of English, will teach “The Boundaries Within: The Art of Memoir and the Craft of Bookmaking” for the Honors Program for the first time. Students in the class will learn the art of writing memoir, how to design a cover and layout a book, and they will ultimately print their own memoir on an antique letterpress.

Over the course of the semester the students will write their own memoir. Dr. Graham will be brining outside experts in bookmaking to assist the students with the design and printing of the book. Ryan Murphy will teach the students how to design and layout a manuscript. Ryan Murphy is the Associate Director of Four Way Books, an independent poetry press in Tribeca that publishes approximately 25 books of poetry and fiction a year. In 2015, one of Four Way’s authors, Gregory Pardlo, won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Digest (Four Way Books, 2015).

Krista Fragos will teach students about the art of bookmaking. Ms. Fragos is the owner of a stationary company, Mapleshade Press, located in Millbrook, NY. She prints fine letterpress stationary on a Kelsey Excelsior Platen Press that is over 100 years old. The students will use the press to print their books. She will also teach the students how to stich and bind their own books.


Every semester the Honors Program offers different seminar that satisfy core, as well as major and minor requirements. This seminar satisfies both the core fine arts and literature requirements. It also counts as an elective for English majors and minors.