2016 NCHC Conference 

Seattle Students

This October six Marist Honors Program students presented their research at the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) in Seattle. The projects were completed by Honors students from diverse majors in the Schools of Liberal Arts, Computer Science and Mathematics, Management, and Science. Samantha Leenas won second prize for her research on property rights in Myanmar.

The following is a list of students with the titles of their research projects:

  • James Barry (Management) "LGBT Workers and Corporate Profit" 
  • Samantha Leenas (Management) "Property Rights Security in Myanmar" 
  • Sarah Johnson (Chemistry and Applied Math) "Bifurcation in a One-Species Population Model with Harvesting"
  • Gabrielle Galante (Applied Mathematics) "Bifurcation in a One-Species Population Model with Harvesting"
  • Brendon Boldt (Computer Science and Philosophy) "Computers Can be as Free as You and I" 
  • Elizabeth Gassman (English) "Tweeting for Allah: The Digital Rhetorical Map of ISIS Militant Women" 

Seattle Students