Honors Students Help Create Splash Program at Marist


This April 2nd Marist College will host its first Splash Program. Marist Splash invites middle and high school students to Marist's campus to explore ideas in courses taught by current Marist students. Honors Program seniors Megan Callanan and Madison Sikorski have worked diligently alongside Prof. Brian Haughey, Director of Marist's Investment Center, and Prof. James G. Snyder, Director of the Honors Program, to bring Splash to Marist.

"Bringing this program to campus has been a great learning opportunity for the students involved and now we need to make Splash a success," said Honors senior Callanan. "Marist Splash is a unique program that allows Marist students to take on leadership roles and get involved in the community."

"The Splash program is being organized by students, with the full cooperation of the Marist administration," said Prof. Brian Haughey. "There has been a tremendous response from other Marist students, too, with lots of creative classes being proposed. We'll have sessions on studying abroad, cooking, developing an iPhone app, Easter Island, and the History of China!"

Honors sophomore Brendon Boldt will teach a Splash course. "Instead of teaching classes related to computer science or philosophy, my two majors, I opted to teach classes on hobbies of mine, namely juggling and swing dancing. College, in many ways, is just as much about finding interests outside of academics as it is finding interests within academics."

Registration for Splash will begin March 15th. More information about the program can be found here.