Transition to High School Event

On September 30th the Liberty Partnership Program of Marist College (LPP) will welcome the freshmen of the high schools in the Poughkeepsie and Kingston, NY School Districts with a Transition Event. The Event will be held at Marist College from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

The event has the goal to prepare freshmen to a successful high school life. During the three hours, in fact, LPP’s counselors will go over a booklet with the students which will include a list of the skills, for example time managing, that will be useful to them in the next years of their education. The other part of the booklet explains how important is to have an education in order to achieve career goals and build a satisfying future. Also, during this event dinner will be served.

LPP is a dropout prevention program with the goal of helping some students with their everyday struggles and having them reach the maturity to assure themselves a future in college or in the workforce. The program uses Marist resources to serve over 200 students in Poughkeepsie and Kingston in grades 8 through 12.

The Liberty Partnerships Program has been sponsored by Marist College for the past 20 years and is funded through the New York State Education Department, but it has so many other partners that help the organization have the success that it has.