The Javits Program has been suspended for 2012.  No additional information has been provided.

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program

Who is eligible? Open to students "of superior academic ability" entering graduate school the following academic year to obtain a doctoral degree or a master's degree, if that is the highest terminal degree awarded in the specific field of studies. Further, the applicant must be eligible to receive federal financial aid.
When is the Deadline? Campus Deadline: September 15, 2009
Javits Deadline: Early October, 2009
Description The fellowship is awarded for one year, and is renewable for three additional years. The award includes tuition paid directly to the graduate institution and a stipend award to the student. The eligible fields of graduate study fall under the Social Sciences, the Arts, and the Humanities.
How Do I Apply? Students submit a hard copy of the Javits application form together with all other materials, including letters of recommendation, an essay and the scores from the General Test of the GRE.
Essay(s): A statement of purpose, describing "the applicant's proposed plan of study and how that study will enable the applicant to achieve his or her professional objectives."
What happens after I submit an application? Applications are first read by panels of scholars in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Then the student's financial forms are assessed to determine degree of financial need.
What's next? Fellowships will be awarded with twenty percent awarded in the social sciences, twenty percent in the arts, and sixty percent in the humanities.

The program was originally designated the National Graduate Fellowship Program (NGFP) and was introduced into law by U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits (R-NY). Senator Javits, long recognized for his support of education and the arts during his 24 years in the U.S. Senate, died on March 7, 1986. His Congressional colleagues honored him in 1986 by renaming the NGFP the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program.

For more information, see the Jacob K. Javits website.