Faculty Guidelines for Accommodated Testing
for Students With Disabilities

Many students with documented disabilities are legally entitled to a variety of testing accommodations.

The Office of Accommodations and Accessibility will provide these accommodations in the manner indicated below. Instructors, however, may provide these services at any time should they wish to do so.

For the convenience of Marist College instructors, the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility provides out-of-class testing facilities for students with documented disabilities who are in need of additional time or other accommodations (readers, scribes, computers, etc.) to complete examinations.

Testing accommodations are available beginning at 8:30 am. This Office requests that students taking evening classes begin their exams no later than 5:00 pm to allow sufficient time for completion. Exams beginning at 5:00 pm may not be completed in time to return the test to the instructor that evening. In this case, exams will be held in the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility until the next day. The student is responsible for picking up the test and returning it to the instructor the next day.

To facilitate the smooth conduct of testing, the Office has established the following policies regarding the administration of tests:

  • Students requesting special testing procedures, because of a disability, should notify the faculty member of their need for out-of-class testing. It is not the faculty's responsibility to register a student for testing with the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility. Students who come to Accommodations and Accessibility to complete an exam for which they have not registered or for which they are late may be sent back to the classroom.
  • The Office requires students to register for out-of-class testing three (3) business days prior to the actual administration of the exam. (See next bullet on surprise quizzes). At this time, they must indicate the date and time of testing. If the student requires accommodations other than extended time as mentioned above, the student must indicate this need to the Office at the time he/she registers for the test.
  • In the event of surprise quizzes, the Office will do its best to accommodate a student's needs. If space is not available, students may be sent back to the classroom to make other arrangements with the instructor.
  • The faculty are encouraged to drop off tests in our Office (DN226) or to give them to students in sealed, initialed envelopes for the students to bring to Accommodations and Accessibility. We do not recommend sending tests through the campus mail.
  • If there are special instructions, modifications or exceptions to a particular test, these must be indicated on the gold (or downloaded white) Exam Proctoring Form PDF provided by the student.
  • Students using accommodated testing must report to the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility prior to beginning the exam. They, then, deposit all books or materials which they are not permitted to use during testing in the Office. The student completes the test, either in the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility or in the specially designated area that the Office has reserved for testing. All tests are proctored.
  • Students using computers during testing use only stand-along PC's that have no ability to access the mainframe. They are not permitted to bring their own disks. If necessary, the Office will provide clean, blank disks.
  • The amount of extra time a student receives for testing is individually determined based upon the documentation of their disability.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the test site without permission of the proctor or staff member. A student may not leave the test site to return at a later time, nor will the student be allowed to start a test one day and complete it the next.
  • When the student has completed the exam, it is his/her responsibility to return it to the faculty, unless otherwise indicated on the gold (or downloaded white) Exam Proctoring Form PDF. Each test will be placed in an envelope, sealed, stamped across the back, and initialed by a member of the Office staff. This stamp area is then covered with transparent tape.
  • Faculty are urged not to reschedule exams to a time that is personally convenient for the student. Students should be able to take exams during their regularly scheduled time. Exceptions to this rule would be indicated when a student might miss a class that will meet during the administration of an extended time exam, or when a student is enrolled in a night class. It is the student's responsibility to discuss any scheduling problems with the faculty.

The Office of Accommodations and Accessibility will provide the above services only for students who have presented documentation of a disability. Faculty are encouraged to contact Accommodations and Accessibility if they wish to verify a student's need for special testing.

The Office of Accommodations and Accessibility strives to maintain a testing policy that is nondiscriminatory and assures the integrity of the examination process. We appreciate the efforts of the faculty to meet the needs of students with disabilities who are enrolled at Marist College.

Please direct any questions you have concerning these procedures to the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility.

We do not return exams through campus mail.

Our policy is for students to return the completed exam to the instructor in a sealed and stamped envelope.