Kid's Day Out T-Shirts

Now for sale, Kid's Day Out t-shirts!

Next year we plan to roll-out a new line of t-shirts that will be available for purchase.  In the meantime, we still have lots of the current shirts available for purchase in a variety of sizes and colors, and they're only $5.00 each!  Scroll down for availability.

 KDO Tshirts

 Wear them to sporting events, doing chores around the house, or help us advertise Kid's Day Out for next year.  Whatever you choose, you can't beat the price!

Please let us know if you, your family or friends are interested.  We can be reached via return email or at (845) 575-3274.

KDO Tshirts 2


Small Green 2
Small Purple 8
Small Blue 5
Small Orange 13
Small Red 1
Small Grey 10
Small Pink 10
Medium Green 6
Medium Purple 9
Medium Blue 7
Medium Orange 6
Medium Grey 9
Medium Pink 11
Large Green 8
Large Purple 10
Large Blue 6
Large Orange 7
Large Grey 8
Large Pink 8
XL Green 7
XL Purple 8
XL Blue 4
XL Orange 5
XL Red 4
XL Grey 5
XL Pink 6
XXL Green 1
XXL Pink 1
Youth Medium Green 6
Youth Medium Purple 14
Youth Medium Blue 12
Youth Medium Orange 10
Youth Medium Red 7
Youth Medium Grey 14
Youth Medium Pink 3
Youth Large Green 10
Youth Large Purple 13
Youth Large Blue 9
Youth Large Orange 27
Youth Large Grey 13
Youth Large Pink 8