Adobe Certifications Popular with Media Production Students

Photoshop Skills In-Demand for Media Production Employment

Not only are Marist students receiving Avid certification, but students can now receive certification in Adobe Photoshop.

Marist became an Avid-learning partner eight years ago, meaning that they formed an official relationship with Avid and were able to begin offering certifications in the program to students. The certification was a combination of four credit classes and non-credit classes, ensuring that students were capable of working the video editing system. In order to do this, students had to complete two courses and pass two exams.

Marist Students Earn Adobe CertificationsProfessor Jeff Bass, Senior Professional Lecturer in his 12th year in the Media Arts Department, began offering a 400-level media studies class titled “Advanced Post-Production,” where students could go through the second part of Avid certification. However, he soon realized that there were some students who had already completed that step so he decided to have those students work towards Adobe certifications. As a result, this select group became the first group of Marist students to become Adobe certified. These four students were Alexander Treiber, Gabrielle Palleschi, Elizabeth Miller, and Robert Borriello.

“This business (film, TV, media) is extremely competitive,” Bass explained. “Any media related career is competitive. There are lots of people graduating with degrees so a certification can make them and their resumes stand out, and separate them from the pack, so to speak.”

Palleschi, who graduated in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Production enrolled in Advanced Post-Production because of her love for video and photo editing. “Since I already had my Avid certification, I wanted to expand my knowledge further and get my Adobe certification because it is so widely used in the media industry,” she said. As a graduate that now works in NYC, she finds herself using Photoshop on a daily basis and credits the course with teaching her the necessary tools needed for photo editing. “I think looking forward more into the future and my career, having this certification will definitely help progress my ability to be creative and experiment with new tools and functions,” she added.

Miller also enrolled in the course because of her desire to learn more about editing. “It certainly gives me another skill set and can possibly open the door to more options and opportunities,” she said. She stated that the certification exam was a good mix of theory as well as hands-on application.

Bass stressed that it always looks good on a resume to show that you have used Adobe. “It’s a professional certification from a company, basically a third company credential and stamp of approval,” he said. While the certification is only offered to students enrolled in Advanced Post-Production, the class is not limited to only Media Studies majors. However, students must have met the prerequisites in order to register for it.

Treiber, a double major in Media Studies and Production and Business Administration, is hopeful that his Adobe certification will advance his career and make him a more marketable candidate for potential employers. “It has increased my knowledge and skills base, which has been helpful in my endeavors,” he said.

Treiber also lauded Bass in helping to make it possible. “Professor Bass was instrumental in helping us get this done,” he said. “Absolutely none of this would have been possible without him and I am incredibly grateful for that. He set up the test and the course and even went so far as to call the test center when we were having trouble scheduling a time to take it.”

In the future, Bass hopes to offer a three-day certification that would create an accelerated route to certification via a non-credit class by January 2017. “Adobe Photoshop is just the first certification students have earned,” he said. “We can also offer certifications in Dreamweaver, Flash, and InDesign. The program is still in its infancy so give us time to get things going!” 


Written by Adriana Belmonte '17

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