Achieve Your Career Goals with a Professional Studies degree

Professional Studies Helps Non-Traditional Students Achieve their Career Goals

Achieve Your Career Goals with a Professional Studies degree As the demand for college-educated employees has increased, non-traditional students find themselves in the position of having to head back to the classroom to achieve their career objectives. The Marist College Professional Studies adult education bachelor’s degree offers non-traditional students, such as working adults and military service-members, the opportunity to develop a wide-ranging skill-set and knowledge-base, preparing them for careers in areas ranging from business and government, to science and communications. 

It’s no secret that a college education can be a huge boon for your paycheck. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor degree graduates earned an average of $13,624 more annually than their peers without a bachelor’s degree. It’s for this reason that many non-traditional students return to school, and a Professional Studies bachelor’s degree can be the quickest path to this salary increase.

A Professional Studies degree offers value for non-traditional students due to the wide array of skills taught throughout the program. Non-traditional students gain a foundational understanding of everything from basic business skills, to communication and critical thinking techniques. When you graduate from Marist College with a Professional Studies bachelor’s degree, you’ll have the necessary tools to accelerate your career and become a leader within your organization.

Marist’s Professional Studies Bachelor's Degree Program

The Marist Professional Studies adult bachelor's degree program is focused on three key parts: core classes, electives, and the “major”. A “major” is comprised of two or three concentrations, creating an individualized degree program for each student. The Marist College Professional Studies bachelor’s degree offers 11 different concentrations, including:

  • American Studies
  • Communication and the Arts
  • Data Center Technologies
  • Economics
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Information Technology and Systems
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership & Communication (OLC)
  • Professional Studies
  • Project Management
  • Psychology

For students who desire flexible, online courses, Marist College provides students with a 100% online Professional Studies bachelor’s degree program, in addition to campus-based classes. It is Marist’s mission to make higher education accessible to all students, and this is especially true for non-traditional students whose schedules may require more accommodation. Through our 100% online program, we provide non-traditional students the access to earn the same education as their on-campus peers, with the additional benefit of crafting a schedule that works best for their individual needs.

If you’re an adult seeking career advancement, a transfer student looking to enhance your education, or a military service-member wanting to build on your resume, the Marist College Professional Studies adult bachelor’s degree will give you the flexibility you need to meet your career goals. Contact Marist today to learn about the benefits of earning your college degree as a non-traditional student in our Professional Studies adult bachelor’s degree program.


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