Advancing Your Communications Career

Earn Your Degree with a Communication Concentration Online

Advancing Your Communications CareerIf you’re a working adult or non-traditional student looking to start or advance your communications career, an adult bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Communication and the Arts from Marist College can be the catalyst for your career growth. Our Communication and the Arts concentration helps expand your skill set, allowing you to hone your verbal and written skills, as well as your analytical thinking and problem solving. Combined with a 100% online platform, you have everything you need to advance your communications career.

Students pursuing a career in fields such as public relations, sales, journalism, radio, web, and advertising can benefit greatly from a Communication and the Arts concentration. As modes of communication constantly evolve and change, communications professionals must be prepared to adopt new technology and communication techniques quickly and efficiently. The Communication and the Arts concentration helps you sharpen your skills across a variety of media. You will also develop the critical thinking skills necessary to provide solutions in the increasingly complex world of communications.

Marist College’s Communication and the Arts concentration aims to create effective communicators through a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing media literacy and communications skills. Adult students will learn how to apply basic communications theory and concepts to new and emerging technologies and media sources. What’s more, the curriculum is specifically designed to teach all students about the power of effective communications. Courses such as Intercultural Communication and Gender and Cultural Communication give students an understanding of communication theory and application. Additional courses within the Communication and the Arts concentration include Intro to Communication, Organizational Communication, Mass Communication Law, Persuasion, and Reputation and Relationship Management.  These courses help students develop and understand critical organizational processes, negotiation skills, ethics, and globalization.  By mastering these disciplines, students gain the knowledge needed to influence a wide-ranging audience through almost every communications channel.

As communications practices continue to change and evolve, graduates of Marist's Professional Studies degree with a concentration in Communication and the Arts can be confident that they are entering the work force as effective communicators. Applying the skills learned through the Communication and the Arts concentration will give you the tools to make smart and effective communications decisions to succeed as a communications professional.

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