Marist Student Research Published in Journal of Healthcare Leadership

October 24, 2012


Marist College is Proud to Announce Lathisa Balogh-Robinson's “The Crisis in Leadership in the Context of the Nursing Shortage and the Increasing Prevalence of Nursing Unions” Article Publication

Marist Student Research Published in Journal of Healthcare LeadershipLatisha Balogh-Robinson, a current student in the School of Professional Programs and a member of the Professional Studies Organizational Leadership and Communication cohort, has had her current research published in the Journal of Healthcare Leadership. Balogh-Robinson's article, "The crisis in leadership in the context of the nursing shortage and the increasing prevalence of nursing unions" explores the unique challenges of developing nurse leaders in a unionized environment compared to those working in nonunion settings.  Issues of succession planning, leadership, and levels of job dissatisfaction related to the inability to provide quality care are also discussed. The complete article is available for review through the Journal's website.


Written by Laura Zurowski

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