The Many Benefits of a College Degree

Increase Your Job Prospects and Earnings with a College Degree

The Many Benefits of a College DegreeThere was a time in the not-so-distant past when the idea of not going to college was simply unthinkable. But in the era of The Great Recession, more and more people are beginning to question the true value and benefit of a college degree. While tuition costs and uncertain employment are reasonable concerns, the simple fact is that a college degree is still a fantastic investment for your career.

A college degree is still the best way to a more secure financial future. Numerous studies have shown that college graduates earn at least a hundred thousand dollars more over the course of their careers than non-college graduates, with some jobs taking that number into the millions. If someone told you at 18 that earning a degree would earn you a million dollars more over the course of your career versus not earning your degree, you’d take that deal, right? Of course you would.
Before you begin earning, however, you must get a job. This is another avenue where college graduates benefit versus their peers without degrees. A college degree opens many areas of opportunities, both within your field of study and outside of it. A college degree on a resume shows employers that you are capable of handling responsibility, critical thinking, and intelligent decision-making. These skills transcend industries, leaving college graduates uniquely qualified for many positions.
Once hired, college graduates are prime candidates for promotion, further increasing their earnings potential. In fact, if you visit any job board and look at the listings for management positions, you’d be very hard pressed to find a listing that does not require a college degree.
Job security is yet another benefit of earning your degree. Employers are loath to lose college graduates in the event of an economic downturn. This is due to the fact that college graduates are proven commodities. The demonstrated success of earning your degree shows employers that you have a unique, dependable skillset, and this is not something most employers will let go if at all avoidable.
Of course, with increased earnings come the benefits of things such as a well-funded retirement, a house, car, vacations, and the ability to afford leisure activities. With a college degree, dreams for the future can become more realistic endeavors.
Yes, college can be time consuming and expensive, but when measured against the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, limited job opportunities, and limited career advancement, it’s easy to see that investing in earning a college education can produce many happy returns.
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