Going Back to College While Working Full Time

A Flexible Schedule for Earning Your Degree

David Violante, Assistant Director of Emergency Medical Services in the Arlington Fire District, talks about going back to college while working full time. Violante was looking for a program that fit into his full time working schedule, which included working in the Fire District, teaching part-time and also volunteering. Because of Violante’s busy career, it was very difficult for him to fit into the schedule of a traditional Bachelor’s degree program.

The deciding factor for choosing Marist College was the flexibility of the online Liberal Studies program. Violante was able to make his own schedule while going back to college and working full time.

Marist College offers a flexible Bachelor’s degree program. Through the Liberal Studies program, students are able to go back to college while still working full time in their career. Contact us to learn more about going back to school to earn your degree.