Communication and the Arts Bachelor's Degree Program Concentration

Earn Your B.A. Degree Through a Communication and the Arts Concentration

Through the Marist College Liberal Studies Communication and the Arts Bachelor's degree program, non traditional adult B.A. students will develop an understanding and application of the essential communication, oral, and written skills necessary for success in today's career field. The Communication and the Arts degree concentration will provide a foundation for careers requiring strong communication skills. Adult Bachelor’s degree students within the Communication Arts major will be provided with the necessary knowledge to excel as professional communicators and media artists in a complex communication driven society.

During the Communication and the Arts course curriculum, adult Bachelor’s degree students will benefit from an emphasis on speaking and writing skills, developing media literacy, critical thinking and problem solving. Students finishing their Bachelor’s degree through the continuing education program that are interested in a career in public relations, advertising, or communication will develop an understanding of communication theory and how to translate this to practice within their career.

Communication and Art's Degree Professions

• Media production
• Digital video
• Radio
• Web
• Corporate/ organization
• Television journalism
• Communication
• Film
• Public relations
• Sales
• Advertising
• Counseling
• Conflict mediation

Online and On-campus Communication and the Arts Courses

  • Intercultural Communication - A Communication and the Arts course focusing on the importance of culture in everyday lives, as well as the ways in which culture relates to and effects the process of communication.
  • Arts and Values – A Communication and the Arts course designed to provide students with an understanding of arts as a social and cultural force.
  • Gender and Cultural Communication – A course designed to provide students with critical thinking and analytical knowledge in regards to gender and communication within cultures.
  • Small Group Communication – A Communication and the Arts course focused on providing an understanding of the communication dynamics of work groups.
  • History of Photography – A course detailing the History of Photography and its influence on arts and communication.

Marist College is located in New York. At Marist, we offer many fields of study, adults wishing to continue their education can earn or finish their bachelor’s degree both online and through on-location courses at our Poughkeepsie, NY campus. Contact us today to learn more about how the Marist College Liberal Studies Communication and the Arts Bachelor’s degree can help you excel in your career.


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