How Long Does It Take To Complete a Professional Studies degree?

Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree with Marist Professional Studies

Completing your Professional Studies Bachelor’s Degree with Marist is simple and rewarding with the many program options provided through the Adult Undergraduate degree program. Students are able to complete their studies online, in a traditional classroom setting, or in a hybrid structure of both depending on their needs.

Online Course Schedule for Adult Bachelor's Degree

The online course schedule allows adult students to complete their degree within three years, depending on the credits needed and the pace at which classes are taken. A part-time workload may be advantageous to adult students who continue to work in their current career path.

Adult Bachelor’s Degree On Campus Schedule

Should degree earners choose to complete their required credits in a traditional classroom setting, they can register for 9 credits in both the spring and fall semesters and 3 credits during the summer session to complete their degree more quickly. 

On-campus students are able to substitute in class sessions for online courses if they find it suits their schedule more conveniently. Academic advisors can help adult undergraduates plan their program of study ahead of the semester's start.

Adult B.A. Hybrid Course Schedule

The Organizational Leadership and Communication program runs in 4 six-week sessions each semester allowing students to gain knowledge in several Professional Studies programs and complete their degree in two years. A third year may be added to the degree program if additional electives need to be completed before graduation.

With this model, students complete a total of 48 credits within the program and complete up to 24 additional credits in classes of their choice. 

To learn more about program options for your Adult Undergraduate degree in Professional Studies, contact Marist and schedule an appointment with an Admissions representative. Completing your degree at Marist has never been made simpler.

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