Data Center Technologies Bachelor's Degree Program Concentration

Earn Your Undergraduate Degree Through a Data Center Technologies Major

If you're interested in a career maintaining and managing data centers and corporate networking systems, the Liberal Studies Data Center Technologies Bachelor's degree program prepares undergraduate students enrolled in our school for all facets of computer data centers and provides introductory experience in computer networking, security, and facilities management.

Data Center Technologies undergraduate students within the bachelor's degree program will complete course work on virtualization, server consolidation, security and compliance skills.

Data Center Technologies Skills

• Hardware, disaster recovery and troubleshooting
• Introduction to data center management
• Virtualization, remote access and monitoring data center racks and cabling
• Building a secure environment
• Applied data center management network security

Data Center Technologies On-campus and Online Courses

  • Data Communications – A Data Center Technologies course providing a comprehensive technical understanding of data and computer communications.
  • Internetworking – A Data Center Technologies course designed to acquaint students with major internet protocols and functionality.
  • Internet Security – A course focusing on examining internet security from the prospective of the individuals in Data Center Technologies.
  • Introduction to Facilities – A course design to introduce Data Center Technologies students to the workings of a data center facility.
  • System Administration and Management – A Data Center Technologies course designed to provide knowledge on maintaining and operating information systems and computer networks.

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