Discover Marist Days December 8-12, 2014 

Complete your bachelor's degree with an accelerated, 100% online program

Completing your bachelor’s degree at Marist College is the perfect choice if you’re looking to build a career in technology, communications, psychology, project management, economics, and more. Marist’s excellent reputation is recognized by top employers and U.S. News ranked Marist’s online Bachelor’s degree program as eighteenth best in the nation.

With 100% online classes, as well as on-campus and hybrid formats, including accelerated 6-and 15-week courses, Marist advisors work with you to craft a degree plan that fits your needs and incorporates the most efficient path to completion - including financial aid options.  We can also apply most previously earned credits towards your degree, so you don’t have to worry about starting over. Register for Discover Marist Days today and meet one-on-one with an advisor, December 8-12, 2014. 

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Published by Laura Zurowski

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