Earning an Education Through Distance Learning

B.A. / B.S. in Liberal Studies with a Distance Education

Today’s hyper-connected world allows us to do many things we never could before. You can communicate instantly with friends around the globe, upload pictures and videos as they happen, and what’s more, you can even earn a highly reputable B.A. / B.S. in Liberal Studies from Marist, one of the top online college degree programs in the country. With a focus on distance learning, Marist can help put you on the path to career success, no matter where in the world you are.

Distance learning is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a way for students around the globe to experience the full benefits of a Marist education from a distance. Through distance learning, students get the same education as they would in a normal classroom, without the restraints of having to be on campus. Distance education is a major benefit to students who may lack the ability to move closer to the school, but still want to enjoy a world-class education.

Why Choose Distance Learning at Marist College

That world-class education comes in the form of Marist’s highly connected campus. Consistently ranked as one of the top online programs in the nation, Marist’s online Bachelor of Arts and Science in Liberal Studies gives you the full on-campus experience without having to ever leave your house. Through iLearn, students enjoy a collaborative learning environment. The iLearn system provides several communication and information management tools to better help students facilitate interactions with project materials, teachers, and fellow students.

Another benefit of distance learning is the scheduling aspect. Many folks, especially adults, far too often must juggle their personal life with their education ambitions. Distance learning allows those who want to learn the ability to do so on their own time. This is a major boost to working professionals looking to advance their careers, or parents with children who do not have the option to take on a full schedule of on-campus classes. Now, they can set their schedule and complete their assignments and coursework on their own time.

As you can see, distance learning is a major boost to those who wish to advance their education and careers. With no need to uproot your life, current job, or family situation, distance learning is your best friend when it comes to fulfilling your personal goals. Marist’s 100% online Bachelor of Arts and Science in Liberal Studies is the perfect way to earn your degree from an online program that helped set the standard for online programs throughout the country.