Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

The Convenience of Earning Your Bachelor's Online

Earning Your Bachelor's Degree OnlineAs most would assume, earning your Bachelor’s Degree can be a springboard to a long, fulfilling, and well paying career. In fact, a Pew Research analysis released in February of 2014 showed that full-time working adults ages 25-32 earned about $17,500 more than their peers with only a high school degree.* But this doesn’t mean that it is always feasible for working professionals and young adults to fit a full course load of school-work into their busy schedules. Enter the Marist online B.A.; a program dedicated to providing adult students with the full benefits of a on-campus B.A., completely flexible to their schedule.

Earning your Bachelor’s degree online has many features that make it appealing to today’s tech-savvy students. First and foremost, the convenience of earning a B.A. online is felt through the flexible scheduling. Online students enjoy the same educational experience as their on-campus peers, but on their own time. Through the Marist College iLearn system, you’ll get the benefit of a range of communication and information management tools. These tools allow you to interact with other students and your professors, and help to deliver an on-campus experience right to your computer.

Marist’s reputation for technological excellence is much heralded in the world of higher education. Backed by a longstanding partnership with IBM, Marist was ranked as one of the “Best Online Education Programs” by U.S. News & World Report. The B.A./B.S. in Professional Studies ranked 17th out of 213 programs listed. All of this adds up to Marist offering students a fantastic education, built upon the foundation of technology.

Marist is also proud to offer the “Finish@Marist” program for students interested in earning their Bachelor’s degree online. Finish@Marist allows students to accelerate their Bachelor’s degree completion, and to tailor their classes to fit their interests and career goals.

With Marist, the importance of earning your degree is matched only by the convenience of earning a B.A. online. As any of our online graduates can attest to, earning your Bachelor’s degree online is an easy, efficient, and flexible way to help you accelerate your career and earnings potential. Call today to speak with a Marist advisor about earning your degree online.


*Source: Pew Research Center tabulations of the 2013 March Current Population Survey Integrated Public Use Micro Sample


Published by Laura Zurowski

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