Economics Bachelor’s Degree Program Concentration

Earn Your Undergraduate Degree Through an Economics Major

Through the Marist College Liberal Studies Economics Bachelor’s degree program, non-traditional and transfer undergraduate students will gain an understanding of the framework for the fundamental concepts of economics, as well as how the economy operates and alters in shifting economic circumstances. Liberal Studies Economics undergraduate students will learn how to apply these various economics understandings into business and financial investment.

If you're an adult who is interested in continuing your education and earning a degree that can assist you in a career in government, banking, or insurance, the Economics Liberal Studies Bachelor’s degree program can help achieve your goals. An Economics degree can help prepare you as an undergraduate student to understand market economy and its behavior, growth, and stability. Economic Bachelor’s degree students will develop analytical skills and practice quantitative techniques to analyze economic activity and trends in a global economy.  

The Liberal Studies Economics degree program provides flexible education and learning opportunities both online and on-campus for any adult students who wish to further their education and receive a bachelor’s degree in the growing field of economics, whether they are transferring with credits from a community college or simply wish to return continue their education through a non-traditional distance learning program.

Economics Degree Professions

Economics Bachelors Degree Concentration

Industrial Economists
Organizational Economists
International Economists
Public Policy Analyst
Purchasing Manager
Monetary Economist
Financial Economist
Labor Economist
Market Analyst
Research Analyst

On-campus and Online Economics Degree Courses

  • Macroeconomics – An Economics degree course covering the study of economic aggregates, of national and international economics and of the economic management role played by government and international organizations.
  • Microeconomics – An Economics degree course focusing on an introduction to microeconomics theories of markets: why we have them, how they work, what they accomplish.
  • Calculus with Management Applications – A course designed to provide students with the knowledge of basic Calculus operations.
  • Economics of Social Issues – An Economic degree course that utilizes economic techniques and principles to properly analyze social issues.

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