Going Back to College for Adult Learners

Completing Your Degree in Professional Studies

Going Back to CollegeGoing back to college and completing a degree in Professional Studies can provide adult learners with the opportunity to achieve their dream career. The Marist College Professional Studies degree, part of the Adult Undergraduate program, can provide the tools and connections returning students are looking to gain. Learning does not have to end! If you think you are ready for a career change or want to expand your skillset, enrolling for the Adult Undergraduate program at Marist can provide you with a degree that helps you achieve your professional goals.

Returning to College with Transfer Credits

Returning to College doesn’t have to be a hassle, and with Marist’s Prior Learning program, adult students can gain course credit for previous experience from another undergraduate institution, professional work experience, service, or professional training. Credits will be applied to the degree of your choice, and you will find yourself one step closer to the career you wish to have.

Review the Marist Prior Learning Chart to see how credits can be applied for Life Work, Portfolio Review, and Professional Training. Your academic advisor can assist in ensuring all your previous experience is accounted for. Going back to college as an adult learner has never been easier.

A Customizable B.A. Degree Program for Adults

Adult Undergraduate students earning a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies are able to choose two or three concentrations, totaling 45 credits, offered through the online program. Concentrations include American Studies, Communication and the Arts, Data Center Technologies, Economics, Enterprise Systems, Information Technology and Systems, Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Communication (OLC), Professional Studies, Project Management, and Psychology. With a variety of options, Marist allows you to build your degree and expand your skills to suit your personal aspirations and professional needs.

The remainder of the 51 degree credits can be taken from transfer credits or as electives from the Marist course catalog.

With the online iLearn course delivery portal, you can even complete your degree online, when it is convenient to your schedule. Marist understands the many responsibilities adult learners may have at home or on the job. With the Professional Studies online program, students are able to continue their normal schedule while earning their degree.

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