How to Transfer Credits from a Community College

Transferring Credits to a Four-Year College

The biggest question most adult community college students have when considering a four-year college is whether their credits will transfer with them. Marist makes it easy for students to transfer credits, and begin their way towards earning a four-year degree. Read further to discover how to transfer credits from a community college to the Liberal Studies degree completion program.

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree OnlineTransferring credits to a four-year college doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Marist is proud to award students for work completed at an accredited college or university. If you have achieved a grade of “C” or higher from your community college class, Marist will then review the course level and material to determine if your academic credits are viable for transfer. Once it has been determined that your college, class work, and grade level are sufficient per Marist standards, your credits will be approved for transfer. You may transfer up to 70 college credits, ensuring you’ll be well on your way to earning your Marist Bachelor’s degree.

Transfer credits from a community college is just the first step towards earning your Marist Bachelor’s degree. All two-year college transfers must complete at least 50 credit hours at Marist, and 12 hours of upper-level credits in a major field. Marist allows for a maximum of fifteen (15) transfer credits towards a concentration and six credits toward a certificate, minor, or concentration.

Now that you understand the criteria for transferring credits, it’s important to consider how a Marist Bachelor’s degree can impact your career. Marist’s reputation as a four-year college places it amongst elite company in the eyes of employers. Our faculty and staff are experts in their fields, having honed their skills in the tri-state area, including New York City. Our class sizes typically range from 20-30 students, so you’ll enjoy plenty of personal attention from your professors. Our national ranked online degree programs give busy and non-local students the chance to earn their Bachelor’s degree on their own time. Online students are given the same educational experience as their on-campus peers.

Students considering transferring to Marist must first complete the application process for enrollment. All applicants are required to provide their official high school and college transcripts, a writing sample in response to an essay topic from the application, and a resume. Financial aid is available to all qualifying students.

If you’re interested in transferring credits to a four-year college, contact us to speak with a Marist College representative and learn how Marist College's Adult Student Bachelor’s degree Liberal Studies degree completion program can help you attain your educational and professional goals.  .

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