Information Technology and Systems Bachelor's Degree Program Concentration

Earn Your Undergraduate Degree Through an Information Technology (IT) and Systems Major

If you're interested in a career in the computer networking, cyber-security, or database management, the Liberal Studies Information Technology (IT) and Systems Bachelor's degree program provides undergraduate students with a common foundation in computing and networking technologies, databases, information systems, and business applications. Liberal Studies Information Technology and Systems Bachelor’s degree program graduates will gain both technical and organizational expertise for design, development and management of IT systems all while ensuring that technology functions are designed well and working securely, reliably and efficiently.

A Liberal Studies Information Technology and Systems Bachelor’s degrees can lead to a professional career in essential parts of business, non-profit, higher education and government organizations. Through the Information Technology (IT) Bachelor's degree program within the Liberal Studies major undergraduate students enrolled this school of study will gain the knowledge necessary to help organizations develop and achieve technical goals. Information Technology (IT) and Systems degree graduates will be able to identify, install, configure and troubleshoot systems using various software and hardware to interconnect different systems and platforms into one common data-sharing infrastructure.

On-campus and Online Information Technology (IT) and Systems Courses

  • Data Communications – An IT course providing a comprehensive technical understanding of data and computer communications.
  • Technology Entrepreneurship - An IT and Systems degree course designed to introduce students to the fundamentals and process of entrepreneurs in the information technology field.
  • Information Technology and Systems Concepts – An IT course focusing on the understanding of information technology in contemporary business environments.
  • ITS & Society – An Information Technology and Systems course designed to provide students with an understanding of the effects of Information Technology on society.

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