Professional Studies degree Career Options

What are Your Career Choices with a Professional Studies degree? 

Professional Studies degree Career OptionsAt Marist, the Professional Studies degree-completion program is designed around a wide-ranging set of curriculum that can help you define and give direction to your career path. With a demanding job market, a Professional Studies Bachelor's degree may be just what you need to set yourself apart within your career.

With a Professional Studies bachelor's degree, you will receive a personalized combination of several different areas of study; each designed to help you develop the core skills that employers look for, such as reasoning, communications and analysis. Professional Studies creates a learning experience and a well-rounded knowledge base, to prepare you for today's demanding career fields.

The career advantages of a Professional Studies degree are numerous.  Each year, 30 percent of the country's labor force will change jobs or careers. Today's high school students can expect to have held 10 jobs by the time they reach their late 30s. A Professional Studies degree helps make these career transitions easier. As employers move towards seeking candidates who are highly versatile and prepared to take on complex responsibilities, a Professional Studies resume featuring a broad skillset becomes highly attractive.

Another great advantage of a Professional Studies degree and its career options is timeliness, or better yet, timelessness. The skills learned when receiving a Professional Studies degree can serve you for a lifetime. Skills such as formulating coherent arguments, analyzing relevant information, and identifying and evaluating ethical behaviors give you the ability to face down the career challenges of the ever-changing global office.

Professional Studies degree Career Options

And that's just naming a few. A Professional Studies degree not only has many career options but also prepares you for graduate degree in areas such as English, Journalist, Law, Economics, Sociology, History, Public Administration and many more.

Professional Studies degree career options are numerous, but the benefits of earning this degree at Marist add a whole new dimension. With both online and on-ground classes, our program is designed for non-traditional undergraduate students. For working professionals, students with children and anyone looking to take a step forward in their career, Marist's Professional Studies degree program will meet your needs for a world-class education that fits into your schedule, and can set you on the path for career success, no matter where your career path may lead.

Contact Marist College to learn more about earning your Professional Studies Bachelor's degree. Take advantage of of flexible online curriculum while taking the next steps towards your new career.

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