Can I Meet with an Admission Advisor?

Admission Advisement for the Professional Studies program

Interested applicants for the Marist College Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program can speak with an admissions advisor to answer any questions about the program. Advisors are available every day, by appointment. Prospective students may schedule a meeting in person, over the phone, or through email. The toll-free number for scheduling is 888-877-7900.

The Professional Studies non-traditional bachelor’s degree program offers several concentration options. Concentrations in the Professional Studies Adult Undergraduate program include American Studies, Communication and the Arts, Data Center Technologies, Economics, Enterprise Systems, Information and Technology Systems, Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Communication (OLC), Professional Studies, Project Management, and Psychology. Admissions advisors can assist prospective students in choosing the best concentration for your online degree.

Check out all the upcoming open house events for more opportunities to have your questions answers about the Professional Studies Adult Bachelor’s degree program. Our advisors and admission staff will welcome any questions you may have about our Adult Undergraduate programs.

Contact us online for more information about our Adult Undergraduate concentrations and program structure.


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