Adult and Non-Traditional Students

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree as a Non-Traditional Student

For most adults and non-traditional students, the decision to earn a Bachelor’s degree is often a difficult one. Whereas most 18 and 19 year olds carve out four years to dedicate strictly to school, adults and non-traditionals don’t always have that luxury. With 100% online programs, and over 50 undergraduate degrees and certificate programs, Marist is making it easier than ever for adults and non-traditionals to earn a degree that can put them on the path to career success.

Marist College for Non-Traditional and Adult Students

The first factor to consider when thinking about earning your Bachelor’s degree as an adult non-traditional student is the quality of the program. Since most adults will not have the ability or time to transfer, choosing the right school the first time is absolutely essential. Located just 90 miles north of New York City, Marist has many advantages for the adult or part-time student. Our faculty is comprised of many industry leaders who have helped to develop their fields throughout business in the NYC area, so you know you’ll be learning from the best.

Our School of Global and Professional Programs is dedicated to the needs of adult and non-traditional students. We provide adult students the convenience of academic advisement, prior learning assessment, registration, and orientation. This program is immensely helpful in helping adult students adjust to continuing their education.

Another major advantage to attending Marist is our highly recognized online degree programs. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Online Education Programs” ranked Marist’s BA/BS in Liberal Studies 17th in their national rankings. Our 100% online programs deliver the same top-notch education as our on-campus offerings, but you are given the ability to schedule classes around your schedule. Through our iLearn software, you can collaborate on group projects, speak to professors, and finish all assignments.

Additionally, Marist offers accelerated courses to help speed up the time in which it takes you to earn your degree. We understand that time is of the essence for most adult students, and the accelerated degree program gives you the ability to earn your Bachelor’s quickly, without sacrificing any educational quality.

Financial assistance is also available for adult and non-traditional students. To qualify for financial aid, students must be enrolled in at least six credits and require financial assistance to meet your expenses. In addition, Marist also offers scholarships for adult learners. Our Adult Learner Grant is awarded to students enrolling full or part time at the Poughkeepsie campus. We also offer the Marist Scholarship for Academic Excellence, which is given to adult transfer students enrolling full-time.

When it comes to maximizing both your time and educational opportunities, Marist is the perfect choice for adult and non-traditional students. Call today to speak to a counselor about earning your Bachelor’s from Marist.