Earning an Online Degree for Adults & Non-Traditional Students

A Bachelor’s Degree From Marist College Meets Your Adult Education Needs

Earning an Online Degree for Adults & Non-Traditional StudentsAt Marist College, we understand the educational needs of most adults and non-traditional students vary greatly from those considered to be more traditional students. Time, scheduling, and existing jobs are three factors that effect the adult and non-traditional student far more than traditional students, and they’re also the three biggest reasons adults and non-traditional students should look to earn their Bachelor’s degree through Marist’s online degree program.

Marist College’s reputation for providing a world-class online education is proven in our national rankings. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report’s ranked Marist’s BA/BS in Professional Studies 17th in the nation in “Best Online Education Programs”. This ranking lands us among some of the most elite programs in the nation, and truly sets us apart within the tri-state area. You know that by earning your education online through Marist, you’re receiving a highly reputable Bachelor’s degree that will look impressive on any resume.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree on Your Own Time

Through our 100% online degree programs, you can earn your Bachelor’s degree on your time as an adult or non-traditional student. Because these programs are 100% online, they can be tailored completely to meet your schedule. Yes, you will receive the same assignments and deadlines as your on-campus peers, but you will have the ability to work on assignments and complete them when it’s most convenient for you. This is the perfect option for busy adult students with families or existing careers. You can even select to earn your Bachelor’s degree through our accelerated courses, which speeds up the time it takes to earn your degree without sacrificing any educational quality.

The level of support you receive through our online programs is almost unparalleled. When it comes to the earning your Bachelor’s degree online as a non-traditional or adult student, you receive the same amount of attention and professorial help as your on-campus classmates. Professors maintain regular office hours for online students, and through our iLearn software, you can collaborate with classmates on group projects, communicate with professors, and complete all of your assignments.

Marist College has been consistently praised as being one of the most connected campuses in the nation, but the education you receive is just as praiseworthy. Online students can select degree concentrations such as Leadership, Communication, Psychology, or Professional Studies, to name a few, that set you up for either a new career, or to advance in your existing career. After all, what’s convenience worth if the degree you earn isn’t attractive to employers? It is this quality of education that leads so many adults and non-traditional students to seek out Marist in the first place.

Flexibility, convenience, quality, there’s a reason Marist’s online Bachelor’s degree has been recognized as one of the top online programs in the nation. Now, it’s time to see what it can mean for you and your busy schedule. Call us today to speak to a counselor and see how you can earn an online degree as an adult or non-traditional student can help you advance your career. 


Written by Laura Zurowski

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