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Earn Your Information Technology and Systems Degree OnlineIt’s definitely not breaking new ground to say that the world of Information Technology (IT) is absolutely booming. From hospitals to Fortune 50 companies to ad agencies and insurance providers, the demand for highly qualified IT and Systems professionals is increasing by the day. This increased demand means facing down increased competition for these positions, which necessitates earning a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Systems, which you can now do online through Marist College.

If you’re interested in a career in computer networking, cyber-security, or database management, Marist College’s Information Technology (IT) and Systems Bachelor’s degree program can provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to excel. Undergraduate students are immersed in core curriculum dealing with computing and networking technologies, databases, information systems, and business applications. Graduates of the Information Technology and Systems degree program will have a technical and organizational expertise for design, development and management of IT systems, and the ability to ensure technology functions are designed well and working securely, reliably, and efficiently.

What’s more, the Information Technology and Systems degree program was developed with the main focus of helping organizations develop and achieve technical goals and missions. Information Technology and Systems graduates will have the technical expertise to identify, install, configure and troubleshoot systems using various software and hardware to connect varying systems and platforms to form one common data-sharing infrastructure. In short, the technical skills you earn here will be vast, wide-ranging, and extremely valuable to employers.

At Marist College, we understand that just because it is widely accepted that a college degree is necessary for career advancement, it’s not always a plausible endeavor for busy adults or people looking to switch careers. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and expertise into developing one of the most highly connected online degree programs in the country. Online students get the exact same education as their on-campus peers, with the ability to collaborate, access time with professors, and participate in all projects. The biggest difference is simply that online students can earn their Information Technology and Systems Bachelor’s degree on their own time. A highly sought after degree from Marist College, a college widely recognized as having one of the top online degree programs in the country? What’s not to love?

Marist College’s Information and Systems Bachelor’s degree program features the following degree courses:

  • Data Communications – An IT course providing a comprehensive technical understanding of data and computer communications.
  • Technology Entrepreneurship - An IT and Systems degree course designed to introduce students to the fundamentals and process of entrepreneurs in the information technology field.
  • Information Technology and Systems Concepts – An IT course focusing on the understanding of information technology in contemporary business environments.
  • ITS & Society – An Information Technology and Systems course designed to provide students with an understanding of the effects of Information Technology on society.

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Written by Laura Zurowski


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