Professional Studies Bachelor's Degree Concentration

Earn Your Undergraduate Degree Through a Professional Studies Major

Professional Studies Bachelors Degree Concentration

Bachelor of Professional Studies, through the Liberal Studies undergraduate school, prepares nontraditional and adult transfer students to move upward in the professional ranks of a sector: private, public or non-profit. Though the Professional Studies major at Marist College undergraduate school students will gain expertise in key areas such as social science, communication, critical thinking and business. Students that participate in the program develop the communication, leadership skills and creative principles that can be applied to enhance organizations and are in demand by employers in many fields.

If you are looking a flexible distance learning program or to continue your education to earn a degree for a career utilizing communication, customer service, and general business skills, the Professional Studies program may be perfect for you. The program prepares nontraditional and transfer students for a highly successful career by focusing on organizational administration, effective communication and negotiation skills, and enhancing the customer service skill set.

Professional Studies On-campus and Online Courses

  • Intercultural Communication - A Professional Studies course focusing on the importance of culture in everyday lives, as well as the ways in which culture relates to and effects the process of communication.
  • Global Issues in Business & Society – A Professional Studies course designed to examine the critical role that business plays in society.
  • Foundations of Marketing – A course through the Professional Studies major that focuses on the high level basic concepts of Marketing as a whole.
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting – A Professional Studies course that provides students with an understanding of accounting and financial concepts, transforming them into tools that can be used on a daily basis.

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