Technology Careers for Professional Studies Majors

See Why Tech Employers are Looking for Applicants with Professional Studies degrees

The technology sector may be the last place you’d ever expect to find Professional Studies graduates, but scan the offices of any major tech company and you’ll find a healthy amount of Professional Studies degrees throughout the ranks. More and more employers want complete teams with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and Professional Studies graduates boast a unique skillset that complements the skills of programmers, engineers, and the mathematically inclined.

Technology Careers for Professional Studies MajorsSo what exactly do Professional Studies graduates bring to the table? Glad you asked. Professional Studies does a great job of teaching students to consider perspectives, communicate effectively, think critically, and take a big picture view of the ultimate goal or solution. This isn’t to say that engineers and coding specialists aren’t able to do these things, but a team full of people with the same mindset and process of work will rarely push a project to its ultimate potential. This is where a Professional Studies background comes in handy.

A team that includes someone with a Professional Studies background will think beyond just the 0s and 1s of a project. From aesthetics to the user experience, a person with a Professional Studies major is more familiar with exploring a multitude of options and viewpoints. The critical thinking involved in earning a Professional Studies degree is transferable to these types of workplace projects, allowing Professional Studies majors to push their projects forward and ensure that business goals are met.

An even more important workplace talent is that Professional Studies majors develop the unique skills necessary to lead. Yes, technical proficiency is a great tool in building a career, but the ability to communicate a vision, argue a viewpoint, and present materials in a clear and concise manner is equally essential. Before you can lead a team, you must be able to rally support for your ideas. This ability to develop and communicate ideas, as well as to incorporate the ideas and views of teammates, is something a Professional Studies graduate is well prepared for.

As more and more companies seek to create products that better connect with their audience, they’ll turn to Professional Studies graduates to join their teams. Companies who are best able to incorporate diverse backgrounds and views into their products will be the ones best positioned for success, and those with Professional Studies degrees will continue to advance within the world of technology and business.

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