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Adults are constantly learning, whether attending a community or a four-year college institution or through nonacademic settings such as professional work experience, community service, or professional training programs.  The Prior Learning and transfer credit programs for the Professional Studies BA/BS degree gives adult students with prior learning experience an additional opportunity to gain college credits towards an undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate students with prior learning transferring from two-year colleges must complete at least 50 credit hours at Marist. Transfer students from a four-year college are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at Marist. Up to 70 credits may be accepted from a community college or accredited two-year institution, although fulfilling requirements toward a student's Adult B.A. Professional Studies degree is dependent on meeting all specific program requirements for that degree. All adult transfer students must complete a minimum of 21 credits of upper-level credits in the major field. A maximum of eight prior learning credits can be accepted towards a minor, concentration, or certificate.

Prior Learning and Transfer Credit Evaluations:

  • Official transcript evaluations are performed for accepted, deposited and matriculated students who submit college transcripts for review.
  • Marist does not pre-evaluate courses that prospective students may plan to take in the future at another college. Prospective students are encouraged to use the Marist Online Catalog as guide when choosing courses to take at another college.
  • Prospective prior learning students will receive an official transcript evaluation for the program to which they apply. The evaluation will be mailed to each candidate after all records are received.
  • The evaluation will specify how many credits are transferable towards the baccalaureate Professional Studies degree at Marist, how many credits may be accepted but not applied towards the baccalaureate degree, and the remaining professional studies courses necessary to fulfill Marist degree requirements.
  • Any questions pertaining to the evaluation should be directed to the appropriate admitting office.

Transfer credit is evaluated as stipulated below:

  1. The course(s) must be similar in scope and content to courses offered at Marist.
  2. Prior learning credits require courses in which a C or better has been obtained. These credits may be transferred to meet major, related field, and Core requirements. Credit for C- grades may be awarded on the elective credit category only.
  3. Transfer courses applicable to a student's academic program will be accepted from accredited colleges and universities that meet Marist College's transferability standards. (Check with the Office of the Registrar for a complete list of acceptable accrediting agencies.)
  4. The awarding of a Professional Studies baccalaureate degree is dependent on meeting the specific requirements for that degree. Consequently, it may be possible, under exceptional circumstances, for a student to have completed 120 or more credits and not be eligible to be awarded a bachelor's in Professional Studies degree.
  5. Grades for courses taken at other institutions are not included in the computation of the student's grade-point average at Marist.

Standardized College Level Tests: Only at the time of  matriculation will the college grant credit on an individual basis for any Advanced Placement (AP), College Proficiency Examinations (CPE), NYS Regents College Exams, ACT-PEP, or the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)  tests completed prior to matriculation. The acceptable score and credit assignment shall be determined by the department concerned with the subject area in which credit is sought. 

Prior Learning Forms and Information:

(You must be an admitted student to complete a Prior Learning application)

Prior Learning Program:   

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