Who We Are? The Marist College Professional Studies Undergraduate Degree Program

Information About Professional Studies Students, Faculty, Alumni and Industry Professionals

Students in our program are spread throughout the United States and across the globe, from the halls of government to the corridors of top research facilities, from classrooms to courtrooms, nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies, from media capitals to private art galleries, and from technology giants to startup industries.  And the list keeps growing!

During the course of study, students will continue to build strong professional and social network connections with fellow classmates, accomplished faculty, and professional staff.  After graduation, students become part of an extraordinary Marist College legacy that has produced leaders in virtually every field, throughout the United States as well as all around the world


The faculty is comprised of industry professionals and tenured college doctoral professors from throughout the College. With an average class size of 25, students benefit from meaningful and productive relationships with their professors. Using personal experiences and field connections, faculty strive to help students achieve goals in the classroom and beyond.

In addition to dedicated faculty, professional academic advisors, student services personnel, and administrative support staff work with students to develop individualized plans of study, enabling graduates to excel in professional fields as well as to go on to advanced graduate and doctoral studies. 

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