Marist's For the Record Prepares for its Sophomore Season

Marist Circle editors talk about For the Record's 2018 edition  

Marist College, Bernadette Hogan '17

In the summer of 2016, Bernadette Hogan ’17, and Goodman Lepota ’18 began pursuing the idea of what would eventually become one of the most successful initiatives to ever be spearheaded by the student-run newspaper, Marist Circle. The former editor-in-chief developed the idea of For the Record stemming from her desire to tell the stories of her fellow classmates who have done extraordinary things that the rest of the campus was unaware of. Hogan and Lepota worked together to execute their mission and engage their audience in three unique ways: a website, a print series and a gallery exhibition at the Marist Art Gallery in the Steel Plant Studios. 

Over the course of seven months, the For the Record editorial team gathered the stories of 74 inspirational students to be featured in the project. When introducing the initiative prior to the gallery exhibition last winter Hogan wrote, “The idea for this project began with the ambitious desire to inspire the entire community, on campus and around the world.”


Marist College, Goodman Lepota ’18Following its official launch, For the Record proved to be not only an extremely successful but also a very important project for everyone involved as well as the community as a whole. The website alone attracted more than 40,000 visitors and resulted in 3,000 newsletter subscribers; the gallery exhibition was attended by more than 400 people.

For the Record was a unique project about students, run by students, that created a really strong sense of interest from one student to another. I feel like students are oftentimes so engulfed in their own lives and studies—For the Record really opened its audience up to the experiences of others,” said Tara Guaimano ‘20, Editorial Director of For the Record 2017-2018.

Sustaining the mission of telling the stories of Marist students that have the potential to inspire the community, the Marist Circle is in the process of planning for this year’s installment of the For the Record initiative. Lepota and Guaimano are both members of this year’s Executive Team and plan to keep the project grounded in the idea of focusing on the personal growth of the featured students.


Marist College, Tara Guaimano ‘20

For the Record is such an incredible initiative. Every student on this campus has a story of their own, and highlighting just a few of these stories reveals just how amazing some of the students at Marist really are. Many of these students have overcome great obstacles to get to where they are now and seeing that level of perseverance is such an inspiration to our community,” said Brian Edsall ‘17, Managing Editor of the Marist Circle.

In a generation so consumed by social media and the projection of one’s personally curated image into the world,  For the Record strives to provide the Marist community with a level of insight and appreciation for the lives of students. It aims to shed a light on the inspiring experiences and stories that may otherwise go untold. As a result, it offers a deeper level of connection amongst faculty and students throughout the Marist community.

Nominations for this year’s installment of For the Record are currently being accepted at The editorial team will be conducting interviews throughout the semester, and there will be a gallery exposition and print series featuring a new set of students and their stories in the spring 2018 semester. 

Written by Erin O'Brien '18