Bill SerpeBill Serpe

Home Town: Nanuet, NY
Major/Minor: Radio/TV/Film, Music

Clubs/Activities: Marist Singers, Chamber Singers, Time Check (a cappella group), Marist College Council on Theater Arts (MCCTA), Intramural Volleyball

How did you choose Marist: Marist was the first school I visited during my Senior year of high school. After countless visits and applications, my gut told me to come here. I got the most excited when Marist sent me that 'big envelope,' which contained my acceptance letter. Since I've been here, there hasn't been a day where I've regretted my decision.

What do you like best about Marist: The first thing I got involved with at Marist was Singers. After being in the a cappella group since my first semester freshman year, and later joining Chamber Singers (which allowed me to perform at Carnegie Hall), I've felt the most connected to this program. The 10+ hours of rehearsing a week between 3 different groups doesn't even phase me. Pretty cool for a school with no music major.

What was your favorite class: The most useful classes I've taken right now are the one's that are hopefully going to help me get into my field. I credit courses such as TV Production and Audio for Media for helping me find exactly what I want to do.

Best part of living on campus: For both my freshman and sophomore years, my rooms had views of the Hudson River. How many other colleges can provide that?

Marist on the weekends: An awesome place to be. I live an hour away (with three day weekends), and I don't go home often at all. So it's nice to not be at a "suitcase school". I can't see myself packing up and leaving all of the festivities that go on every weekend.